All donations are appreciated to assist artists and innovators in furthering their education, funding their projects, and following their dreams.


Performance Artist

$1,000 or greater








$99 or less

how to donate via dref

The G.I.A. Fund is supported under the Delta Research and Educational Foundation (“DREF”). Directions on how to donate to The G.I.A. Fund via DREF’s website are numbered below.

Through the DREF platform, donations are tax- deductible, charitable contributions, as permitted by law.

step one

Use this link to navigate to the DREF donate page.

step two

Enter the amount you would like to donate and click “Add to Cart.”

step three

Press “Checkout” and fill out the form with your personal information.

step four

Select “RESTRICTED – DREF” in the dropdown menu for the first question under Item Questions.

step five

Select “THE G.I.A. FUND” in the dropdown menu for the second question under Item Questions.

step six

Click “Proceed” and enter payment info.